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Louisiana is home to many charter fishing companies because of the excellent sport fishing that's available along its long coastline. You'll also find a picturesque landscape just like the typical imagery of the bayou in your mind. . . amongst the islands just off the coast, forming an archipelago near towns such as Venice, LA. Charter fishing boats and inshore fishing guide services are everywhere throughout this part of the state, and we decided to give charter fishing a shot with an established fishing guide service. Jack'd Up Charters is one such charter fishing and hunting outfits, and they gave us the opportunity to hop aboard a charter fishing vessel bound for an all-day redfish inshore fishing extravaganza, or at least that was to be the plan.

Jack'd Up Charters is one of the more popular hunting and fishing charter guide services here in Venice, LA, and something Captain Jack and his wife April started from the floor up (or shall we say sea floor up), and their mission is to offer the best charter fishing and charter hunting guide experiences anywhere along the Gulf of Mexico with a focus on inshore fishing for all varieties of trophy fish as well as guided local big game hunts, such as for deer and more.

Getting back to redfish, they're a fish that's exceptionally popular on charter fishing boats throughout the Venice, LA locale, and are also commonly called red drum.

It wasn't too long ago that redfish were endangered as a species and limits were placed on them in order to allow their population to become healthy over time once again. Luckily, these measures paid off, allowing these fishy favorites to be enjoyed by sportsmen and women along the Louisiana shoreline. They are the popular trophy fish largely because of their size. Redfish commonly grow up to 1 foot (or larger) in length in their very first year alone! They are also good eating, although once the fish get older in age, their meat becomes a bit tough and acquires a murky taste that most people steer clear of.

There are two times each year that are considered the prime times for catching redfish in this region: May-June and October-November. These seasons aren't the only times during which you can catch redfish, but are considered the most optimal times you're most likely to find it worth your time and money spent on an inshore fishing boat charter.

So what is inshore fishing anyways? Inshore fishing is similar to deep sea fishing, but is limited to the first 9 miles out from the shore, usually in water 30 meters deep, or less.

According to our trusted Captain Jack of Jack'd Up Charters, red fish thrive in this region largely because of the archipelagos just off of the shoreline which offer excellent habitat and rich food sources for this species. One of the biggest advantages we came to realize during our expedition on the Gulf of Mexico for redfish is the advantages that come with knowledge had by the captain, which may not be common amongst all charter fishing boat captains, but was certainly the case with this one we were on.

All in all we had an absolutely fantastic time and managed to catch our limit of redfish that measured over 17 inches each. Even if we wouldn't have caught a thing, this trip would have been a memory worth every penny spent.

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