Captain Jack Marino

Capt. Jack here with Jack'd Up Charters, allow us to accommodate you on your inshore Venice fishing experience. Trust me when I say I do my home work when it comes to targeting these inshore species. When I am not fishing with clients I am usually out scouting looking for the next big mother load. I check the tides and weather forecasts daily. Although no one can guarantee you a box full of fish, I, however, can guarantee you with a southern hospitality second to none, catching fish is just a bonus. Just like anything else there are easy days and tough days and I am ready and willing to try every angle on the tough ones. Truth is, I want you to catch fish more than you do. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.


I am born and raised on the waters of Venice, La and passionate about what I do and exceeding your expectations. Ever since I could remember, mom had to beat the rod-n-reel out of my hand. As a 6 generation fisherman this isn’t a career I chose, I was born into it.